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Have you ever arrived at a bar and found it disappointingly empty, killing the vibe before it even begins? Or walking into a bar only to find it overcrowded, making it impossible to enjoy a relaxing evening with friends? Discover the perfect bar experience with Bar Crowd! Our app shows real-time crowd levels, so you can pick the right spot for a great night out! No more guessing, just fun!

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Key Features

Live Crowd Updates

Bar Crowd uses real-time data to show you how packed a bar is at any given moment. See if it's buzzing with energy or offering a more intimate setting.

Favorite Bars

Mark your favorite bars and get notified when they're less crowded, helping you plan spontaneous gatherings with ease.

Search and Filters

Filter bars based on location, popularity, and vibe. Looking for a lively sports bar, a cozy pub, or a trendy lounge? We've got you covered!


SMS Live Updates

Join our text list to get notifications when nearby bars and clubs are getting full!


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